What are the Most Common Types of Native Advertising?

The phrase ‘native advertising’ encompasses any customized advertisement that integrates uniquely with a website. There are a variety of different types, and guaranteed more to come as publishing platforms take control and monetize their websites in their own unique ways.  If you are completely new to this trend, a few basic examples are as follows:

• Advertorials
• Branded Content
• Sponsored Products
• Sponsored Videos
• Sponsored Listings
• Sponsored Events
• Sponsored Product Giveaways
• Sponsored Contests
• Sponsored Reviews
• Sponsored Deals
• Social Media Promotions

Each type of native advertising sponsorship may attract a unique type of advertiser, so a publisher should take into consideration which will appeal the most to advertisers in their industry.  A website covering local news may choose sponsored events, restaurant reviews or sponsored listings, while a gaming website may want to choose sponsored demonstration videos, sponsored game giveaways or a custom background featuring a newly released game.  Pricing will also have quite a range depending on the ad units, as it is a bit more difficult to price them solely on the industry standard CPC or CPM.  For some great examples in action check out our public listings here.

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