Terms of Use

The following terms of use apply to anyone who accesses, signs up, lists or purchases advertisements on the website AdvertiseWithin, please read these carefully before using the website and its services.

We reserve the right to update the terms of use or privacy policy at any time.

If there are any questions please refer to the FAQ or email us at info@advertisewithin.com.

IP Rights
You agree that your use of AdvertiseWithin does not grant you any right to its code, content, data or any intellectual property rights that you access on or through the website.

If you feel your intellectual property rights have been infringed while on AdvertiseWithin, please send us a Notice of Infringement email directly to us at info@advertisewithin.com.

AdvertiseWithin will request certain personal information regarding contact information as well as website information upon signing up.  This information will include, personal phone numbers, emails, names, position as well as website information regarding web metrics, demographics and ownership information.  This information will not be shared without the permission of the the owner of the information, except for certain circumstances which are clearly stated in the privacy policy ‘members’ section.

All members who sign up and use our services must be over the age of 18.  Because AdvertiseWithin cannot 100% guarantee all member that sign up are over the age of 18, we strongly encourage that if there are reports of an underage member, that this is brought to attention to notify us immediately.

By signing up with AdvertiseWithin.com and selling advertising products through them, you agree to do the following:

1. Clearly mark each advertisement approved, purchased and implemented through AdvertiseWithin as an advertisement that adheres with FTC Guidelines.
2. We are not responsible or any services, or damages or complaints that come from the services of our advertisers who place advertisements on your website.
3. Payments will be sent to publisher’s upon publisher approval if the publisher states they would like to receive their funds through Paypal.  If the publisher elects to receive their funds owed in the form of a check, the payment must be a minimum of $100 US, and will be processed at the end of every month and sent out the 15th of the next month thereafter.  Balance reports may be requested at any time.
4. AdvertiseWithin retains the right to remove your listing at any time.
5. No defamatory, racist, evil or offensive content on your listing.
6. All permanent sponsorships should only contain “Nofollow” links, AdvertiseWithin is not liable for any search engine penalties that result from not doing so.
7. If a sponsorship is approved and not implemented as agreed upon, the publisher will be legally responsible to return the funds.
8. You agree to AdvertiseWithin’s agreed upon service fee upon approval and closure of a sponsorship sale.
9. AdvertiseWithin has the right to execute private sales on behalf of multiple publishers at the same time, although publishers will always retain the right of approval.


By signing up with or purchasing an advertisement through AdvertiseWtihin you agree to the following:

1. No defamatory, racist, evil or offensive content in your advertisements.
2. You do not hold us responsible for any content or services provided through our listed publisher’s third party sites.
3. You abide by the refund policy.
4. Your company does not provide any adult or illegal services as governed in the United States.
5. If you purchase an advertisement spot, but do not provide us with the content, there is no guarantee that the advertisement will be posted by the publisher.
6. Your advertisement may not be approved which is to the discretion of the publisher.
7. AdvertiseWithin does not legally guarantee any precise traffic or audience metrics listed by the publishers.
8. AdvertiseWithin does not guarantee certain results of the sponsorships.

Governing Law
AdvertiseWithin operates under the laws of the United States of America, specifically under the state laws of California.  Anyone who chooses to access and use our website from out of this location should do so at their own responsibility and with the consideration of their local laws.

Third Party
Our publishers’ listings most likely contain a link which redirect you to their third party website that is owned and managed by that third party.   Advertiser’s websites that are processed through our website, are considered third parties as well, that you acknowledge we are not responsible for.

You acknowledge that we have no responsibility over any contents, services, products, terms of use, usage or privacy, advertisements or anything they own or do while using or visiting those third parties’ websites and services.  This especially includes any defamatory, racist or offensive content on these third party websites.  If any defamatory, racist or offensive content is presented on our partner’s or affiliate’s websites, please contact us immediately at info@advertisewithin.com, as we do not approve of this at all.

You agree that under no circumstances will AdvertiseWtihin or its partners, affiliates, owners, employees or be liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages or loss of profits whatsoever which result from any sponsorship or advertising placements, use or access of, or any inability to use or access, AdvertiseWithin’s website or the content on the website.

We are not liable for any third parties.  Please see the section above labeled “Third Party” for more.

AdvertiseWithin does not provide a warranty regarding any content on our website or any interruptions that occur on our website.  We do not guarantee that the website information on our publisher’s listings are 100% accurate, although we try to do our best in order to do so.  If there are any obvious discrepancies in this information please contact immediately at info@advertisewithin.com

By using the website, you idemnify AdvertiseWithin along with all of it’s owners, employees, partners, advertisers and publishers liability, losses, damages or costs incurred by any AdvertiseWithin.com party who has breached our terms of use or privacy policy, including third parties associated with AdvertiseWithin.