AdvertiseWithin is a marketplace that focuses specifically on getting your custom sponsorships or native advertising opportunities in front of advertisers.  These are sponsorships that are unique to your publication and separate from your traditional and automated display strategies.  Common examples include: sponsored content, featured products, giveaways, site skin branding, featured events, sponsored vides, and more.  It is totally free to list your custom sponsorships on AdvertiseWithin without any exclusive commitments.  You may also offer certain sponsorships through our private marketplace if they are too large, negotiable, or personalized to offer up front on a self-serve basis.  If this sounds appealing, please send us an email to with some information about yourselves:

• Website URL
• Website Name
• Website Description
• Website Logo
• Basic Audience Information: Monthly Unique Visitors, Visits, Page Views and Demographics
• Type of custom sponsorship spot(s) to list, examples include but are not limited to: sponsored posts, custom site skins, listings, products, giveaways, endorsed content, events, announcements, video demonstrations etc.
• Include Price, Description, Requirements, Lead time and Duration for each sponsorship.

*We apologize but we do not allow traditional display banner advertisements to be listed, only custom opportunities.

What happens next?

1. If you’re approved, we will contact you and create your website’s profile.
2. Sit back and relax.
3. Once a sponsorship opportunity is purchased, you will automatically get emailed to either approve or decline it.
4. Get paid within 72 hours of your approval.
5. Implement the custom sponsorship for the agreed upon time period.
6. Rinse, repeat, and earn more with your unique new monetization channel.

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