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Branded Site Skin

Description:  The entire background skin on every page of the website will be branded with your advertisement, with a clickable region to your URL towards the top or on the sidebars.  This is available at the four different durations listed below.

Duration: 1 Day | 1 Week  | 1 Month

Lead Time: 5 Days.

Requirements: The custom background site skin must be tasteful and relevant to the Latinos Post community.  The following should be considered when submitting the skin for approval:

1. The upper area as well as along the sidebars can be clickable areas of the advertisement.

2. Send PSD files along with a JPEG version of the background skin.

3. Provide the URL.

Sponsored Content

Description: This is an opportunity to sponsor a post on Latinos Post about your brand or relevant content endorsed by your brand, written by the Latinos Post editorial team.

Duration: 1 day on main page, 1 month in article pages, and permanently archived.

Lead Time: 5-7 Days.

Requirements: Your brand must be very relevant to the Latinos Post community for approval.  Please provide enough information, links, and content to write the sponsored content.

Social Media Sponsorship

Description: A message about your brand will be broadcasted across all of Latinos Post’s social media channels, including:

Lead-Time: 3-5 Days.

Requirements: Your brand must be very relevant to the Latinos Post community.  Please provide information, content, links, and images necessary for each social media channel.

Latinos Post also offers alternative sponsorships on a case-by-case basis, including but not limited to:
• Featured Product or Service Listings
• Featured Reviews
• Promoted Giveaways or Deals
• Featured Videos

If you have any questions or are interested in a different sponsorship on Latinos Post, please:

Contact Us


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