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Branded Site Skin

Description: This is an opportunity to brand the skin of Gear Junkie site-wide with with a creative image featuring your brand.  The site skin will be clickable towards the top.

Duration: 1 Day | 1 Week

Lead-Time: 7-14 Days.

Requirements: The brand must be relevant to the outdoor community and the site skin must fit the aesthetics of Gear Junkie.  Please upload the image for the skin, desired link, and any information necessary for approval.

Gear Junkie offers a variety of engaging sponsorship opportunities, including but not limited to:

• Social Media Sponsorships
• Adventure Video Series Sponsorships
• Custom Micro-Site Promotions
• Sponsored Events
• Custom Content
• Sweepstakes

If you have any questions or are interested in a sponsorship on, please:

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