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Description: If you have a service or product you’d like to get the word out to our rabid gamer audience, consider using our services to write up a featured story to run on our site. We would have one of our writers craft an article that can either be about your specific service/product OR develop an article that looks like a marriage between the two subjects but comes up on the keyword that people are searching for… something like “StarCraft 2 Gamers Get Paid by (Your Company)” that would be aimed at the Starcraft 2 keyword in Google but be about how people that play StarCraft 2 with (Your Service/Product) can benefit from (Your Service/Product). We’ll include a link throw traffic your way but the goal here should be about pure brand awareness.

Duration: In the “Featured” slider a minimum of 1 day (probably 2), article will forever sit within our site.

Lead Time: 3-5 Days.

Requirements: The product, game or service must be relevant to the Gaming Illustrated community.  Gaming Illustrated will *NOT* run a canned review nor will we accept payment to sway us in our opinion of your service or product. Our site reserves all final editorial rights over the article, but we will work with you to make sure the tone and direction are aligned with the goals we mutually agree upon at the outset of the project. We’ll need an extensive description of your product or service, links to your websites and any other collateral you can send our way to educate ourselves about who/what you are.


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