Enhanced Social Post – $750

Description: This custom sponsorship opportunity not only provides the sponsor with a post on the FactPile website, but it will also be placed FactPile’s Google+ page, tweeted to over 101,000 FactPile twitter followers, as well as directly tweeted to influential followers of FactPile who very often favorite/retweet in order to maximize the sponsor’s exposure.

Duration: Permanent.

Lead Time: 5 Days.

Requirements: Include all information necessary about the product or service.  The post must be relevant to the FactPile community.

Sponsored Review- $500

Description: This will be a sponsored review placed on FactPile.com’s website.  It will be the top front and center page post for at least 12 hours in the first day.

Duration: Permanent.

Lead Time: 5 Days.

Requirements: Include all information necessary about the product or service.  The post must be relevant to the FactPile community.

Sponsored Tweet – $100

Description: Sponsor’s link and message will be tweeted at least once and up to three times with the goal of having it retweeted by as many as possible.

Duration: Permanent.

Lead Time: 3 Days.

Requirements: URL to tweet plus a short description of the product or service.

Custom Background Site Skin – $1350

Description: Opportunity to place a custom, clickable background skin across every page of FactPile for one week.

Duration: 7 Days.

Lead Time: 5 Days.

Requirements: The custom background skin should only be a relevant product or service to the FactPile community.  The following should be taken into consideration when submitting a skin:
1. The horizontal area below the header and above the website’s content will be the only clickable area of the advertisement and should have the majority of the informational content.
2. Send PSD files along with a JPEG version of the background skin.
3.Provide the URL.

Endorsed Battle – $250

Description: Endorse an upcoming featured battle.  The first line of the post will be “Brought to you by [Your Company URL]” which will remain on the battle permanently.

Duration: Permanent.

Lead Time: 3 Days.

Requirements: Provide a short description of your product or service along with a URL to link to.  State any preferences about what type of battle, although it can’t have been done before, otherwise FactPile will choose a creative and relevant battle to your company.

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