Bit Rebels

Background Site Skin:

Description: This is an opportunity to brand the entire background real estate of the site, including all pages, with a clickable advertisement of your relevant product or service.  Recent campaigns have shown approximately a 1.4% CTR and about 50,000 clicks within the duration of 30 days.

Duration: 30 Days.

Lead Time: One Week.

Requirements: Must be a relevant product within Bit Rebel’s niche; i.e. tech, social media, geek, business or design.  Please provide enough information about the product and company for approval, as well as a high quality site skin creative.

Sponsored Tweet Package:

Description: This is an opportunity to have 4 sponsored tweets sent out.  Details on the tweets include:

• 1 package = 4 tweets = $115.
• The average campaign consists of 3 packages or 12 tweets, although just one package may be purchased.
• Average campaign is 3 days (12 tweets).
• Average number of clicks per 12 tweets is 1,334.
• Average CTR per 12 tweets is 0.14%.
• Average reach for 12 tweets is 976,455.
• We don’t switch out tweets in the middle of a campaign.

Lead Time: 3-7 Days.

Requirements: Must be a relevant product, service or brand to Bit Rebel’s community.  Please provide enough relevant information and links for approval.


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