Privacy Policy

When using or signing up through AdvertiseWithin, you are agreeing to the following privacy policies in addition to our terms of use.  Your privacy is very important to us, so we are to sure to make you very aware of how your information is tracked if at all.  Please see below:

The only time AdvertiseWithin tracks its users is for the purpose of tracking user activity on its own website.  It does so through the use of cookies and only uses it in order to track and analyze repeat visits of its website and usage of its visitors.  Specific data provided by the cookies will not be shared with any third parties that could uniquely identify a website visitor such as an ip address.

AdvertiseWithin does not track any user activity or data on third party websites which include any advertisers or publishers whose links are provided on AdvertiseWithin’s website.

Member Information
AdvertiseWithin will collect member information, personal and website information.  We do require you to provide us with various forms of contact information such as personal emails, phone number and billing addresses, along with website audience information including unique monthly visitors, pageviews and common demographics, but will not share any of this unless given permission to do so.

Publishers: You agree to let us disclose your accurate 3 month trailing average of unique visitors, page views and common demographics on your public listings.  You also agree to let us disclose your email or phone contact information is need be an advertiser who has purchased an advertisement on your website through AdvertiseWithin.

Advertisers: You agree to let us disclose information about your company that is provided to us upon purchase of sale to the publisher whose website you purchased an advertisement on.  You also agree to enable us to disclose your personal email or phone number to the publisher if it is necessary.

If fraudulent activity is brought to our attention, your information may be shared with federal authorities.

Third Parties
AdvertiseWithin is not responsible for any third party’s privacy policies that is linked to through the AdvertiseWithin website, or third party tracking.