If you have any questions regarding our services or website that are not found below, please contact us at info@advertisewithin.com.

What exactly are these custom sponsorships?

These custom sponsorships are a type of communication channel that are integrated into the content or fabric of a website and go beyond a traditional display ad in the sidebar.  Examples could include but are not limited to:
-Sponsored content
-Featured reviews
-Sponsored listings
-Sponsored video demonstrations
-Sponsored images
-Sponsored products
-Featured Announcements
… and the list goes on.

Do I have to mark all sponsorships as advertisements even though they are integrated?

Yes.  In order to adhere with FTC guidelines all advertisements of any sort must be marked clearly as so.  The best ways to mark your sponsorships as sponsored could be a sponsored icon above, below or within the content.  You could also simply have text  stating “sponsored” or “advertisement” in the title/description or directly above/below the ad.

Does AdvertiseWithin serve ads?

AdvertiseWithin does not serve ads, as most of the ads are not uniform with IAB, but rather unique and custom to the website.  This enables the publisher to their custom advertisement product the way that best fits their website.

What if I missed the start date as a publisher?

You will be immediately emailed a notification, requesting to start the advertisement and end at the new period of time which adds the time missed.  If it occurs more than once AdvertiseWithin will issue a warning which may eventually result in being delisted.

How long do I have to keep up the sponsorship?

The must be kept up for the period of time specified on the listing upon purchase.

Are there any fees for Advertisers?

There are no hidden fees for advertisers, only the sponsorship listing prices.

How much does it cost to list as a publisher?

Nothing!  We only receive a small portion of the sponsorship price upon sale for marketing, payments and services.  Please see the next question for pricing.

What is AdvertiseWithin’s pricing upon each sale?

Upon both approval and final sale, AdvertiseWithin has a 25% fee to the publisher for marketing, its services, and transaction costs.  For example, if you sold a $100 sponsorship, you would receive 75% or $75, upon your approval of the sponsorship.

What does it take to get approved?

AdvertiseWithin is looking for quality websites with the following:

1. At least 20,000 visitors a month
2. Quality content
3. Content updated daily (by publisher or users)
4. Non-adult websites
5. Targeted Demographic

And of course quality people behind it!

Are there any contracts I must sign with AdvertiseWithin?

You do not have to sign any sort of exclusive advertising contracts, although you if you do sign up as an advertiser or publisher you are agreeing with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

How do I get paid as a publisher?

Publishers get paid 72 hours upon approval if you are using a Paypal account.  Payments over $100 can be done on a direct deposit basis if that is preferred.

As an advertiser, how do I know my sponsorship is running?

The tracking URL or code you uploaded should have been implemented by the publisher within the sponsorship.  We also check up ourselves on sponsorships purchased.

Where do I get a tracking code or URL?

If you use Google Analytics please see here: Google’s URL Builder, otherwise please refer to your specific analytics platform’s information.

Where do the estimated traffic metrics for the publishers come from?

The estimated traffic metrics come from the publisher’s most recent analytics, averaged over the last couple of months.

When does my purchase money get deposited to the publisher?

Your purchase money gets deposited to the publisher upon publisher approval.

Can I get a refund?

You will be able to get a refund in the following circumstances:
1. The publisher declines your sponsorship.
2. The publisher does not post the sponsorship on time after a notification was sent.
3. The publisher posts the ad, but does so incorrectly and does not update it after notification.
4. The publisher takes down the advertisement early and refuses a time extension.
5. It is within the allowable 24 hours cancellation period.

Refunds will not be given due to lack of performance.

How do I change my billing information?

You can change your billing information on your account page.

How do I cancel a sponsorship?

You can cancel a sponsorship within 24 hours after purchase, or before the start date if it is less than 24 hours by emailing us at advertisers@advertisewithin.com

Are there limits to what type of sponsorship I can list as a publisher?

As long as the sponsorship is appropriate, not a traditional banner advertisement, and abides our terms, you may offer whatever you like… great creative!

What are the best way to price my sponsorships?

The best way to price your sponsorships are to do some research.  Look at websites on AdvertiseWithin with similar demographic audiences. If it is a piece of sponsored content, take into consideration how many views each individual piece of content receives. Feel free to contact us if you would like suggestions or check out these blog posts: CPE pricing | Sponsored Content

How do I add my listing?

Once your website is approved, we will send you an email and provide you with the information.

How do I update my listing’s information?

Send us an email to publishers@advertisewithin.com and we will do so for you right away.

If the ad is a sponsored post will it end up in their RSS feed?

The advertisement should end up in their RSS feed if they state it does on their listing.

Will links in the sponsorships help SEO?

It is highly suggested that links where the duration of the sponsorship is permanent be turned to “Nofollow.”  The reason is that Google or other large search engines if done too often may see this as gaming their algorithms and both parties may be penalized.

How do I change my account password?

You can change your account password on your account page.